Director's Message

Growing up in the South Bay, volleyball has given me numerous opportunities.  My first club experience was with the South Coast Volleyball Club at the Aviation gym.  I absolutely loved club volleyball and sparked the fire in me that has helped drive my career.  Unfortunately, the prices of club volleyball have increased dramatically and if I grew up today, my family would not have been able to afford the costs associated with the sport.  My goal is to create a valuable and competitive club experience at the most reasonable cost to you! For our high school teams, (18's-15's) the total dues for the season are $3500 with no additional costs for the Junior Nationals.  For our junior high teams (14 and under), the total dues are $2800 (additional fees for Junior Nationals).  This is almost 50% less expensive than the average SCVA boy's club.  Even at this discounted rate, we do not sacrifice the quality of coaching and the training experience your athletes will receive.  We hope to see you at tryouts and become a part of the Evolution Family!